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Ningbo Jianxin precision die co.,Ltd

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Description:Ningbo Jianxin precision die co.,Ltd islocated in a beautiful and richly southern part of ninghai coastal new area which coasted in the east china sea.90KM away from ningbo city center,80KM lishe airport convenient transportation and environment beautiful,our company is a professional design and manufacture of motor core progressive high-speed stamping die of national high-tech enterprises


Ningbo Jianxin precision die co.,Ltd islocated in a beautiful and richly southern part of ninghai coastal new area which coasted in the east china sea.90KM away from ningbo city center,80KM lishe airport convenient transportation and environment beautiful,our company is a professional design and manufacture of motor core progressive high-speed stamping die of national high-tech enterprises.

of and ningbo die beautiful in stamping lishe high-speed

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